Traditional Snacks and Souvenir

Suwar-suwir-khas-jemberSuwar Suwir SuwarSuwir a snack from Jember. Suwar Suwir itself is made of tape (fermented cassava) are processed in a way to be a snack. Suwar-suwir shape rectangle measuring 3-4 centimeters. Suwar-Suwir consists of various flavors. Initially Suwar-suwir only chocolate and vanilla flavors. But since 2000, Suwar suwir start to be made with an assortment of fruit flavors and colorful. There is a sense of durian, pineapple, mango, oranges, apples, watermelons, melons, grapes, papaya, strawberry, soursop, pandan, vanilla, and chocolate. Shapes and flavors Suwar-suwir almost like dodol, but Suwar suwir more sweet and sticky, Suwar-suwir also have a tougher texture and dense. You can buy it in : Primadona Kampus Jl. Sumatra No.4 (Bundaran DPRD Jember), Primadona Jl. Trunojoyo (Pasar Tanjung) Jember
Prol-Tape-khas-jemberProl Tape Prol tape is made from fermented cassava there are various flavors begin to brown, cheese, raisins, and original. Cake made of wheat flour, cassava, milk, butter and eggs it feels almost like a cake cake but it feels very pronounced aroma of sweet, sour and savory. You can buy it in : Primadona Kampus Jl. Sumatra No.4 (Bundaran DPRD Jember), Primadona Jl. Trunojoyo (Pasar Tanjung) Jember


desain-biru-daunKaos Jember One more option for by the typical Jember, we can choose a variety of designs hilarious, interesting, unique and funny shirts Jember. Various themes carried begin to travel, culinary, art, culture, history, and local wisdom Jember packed with fun and unique. Jember culture is a harmonious mixture of many different cultures, Java, Madura, Chinese and even Osing. You can buy it in : Biru Daun Clothing at


Batik-JemberBatik Jember Batik Jember have different motifs and designs with batik Solo and Jogja. Batik Jember has a style that is distinctive, patterned leaf tobacco. Tobacco leaves are characteristic of Jember, which is a marker that this city is one of the largest tobacco-producing town in Indonesia. But it is not a creative city if it does not have works that evolved. Some have been developed by weaving so that the work produced more varied. Batik Jember easily found in several stores for souvenirs and souvenir in town, there are also some places that can be visited : Batik Notohadinegoro and Batik Rolla. There is also a center for traditional batik artisans in Sumberjambe. You can buy it in : Rumah Batik Batik Rolla