IBSC 2016 picturesThe largest expansion of the application of basic sciences into other disciplines such as the Life Sciences, solving environmental problems, discover new technology, health and medicine, inventing in renewable energy, securing a more  equitable food and water supply distribution as well as creating new products of biotechnology is as fundamental knowledge. Based on these phenomena  above, The 1st IBSC 2016 with theme “Toward the extended use of Basic Science for enhancing health, environment, energy, and biotechnology”, will provide an interdisciplinary platform  of life sciences  for researchers, teachers, academics, students, professionals, industries, and policy makers. This meeting also proposed to  among  scientists and professionals  to stay at the leading edge of recent advances in application of basic science, improve international collaboration while bridging the scientific and technological, and foster global human welfare. This conference available presentation types are oral and poster

Introduction IBSC 2016
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