The 1st International Basic Science Conference IBSC 2016

slide_baru_ibscThe 1st International Basic Science Conference 2016 (The 1st IBSC 2016) is annual international conference which is directed towards the development of Basic Science for enhancing health, environment, energy, and biotechnology. The Conference invites researches, academia, educators, industrial practitioners and other basic science professional to meet and share knowledge and results of research. We look for significant contributions to all major fields of basic science in theory, methodology and application of the field and intend to publish prominent articles in international indexed proceeding.


6 thoughts on “The 1st International Basic Science Conference IBSC 2016

  1. saya berminat mengikuti seminar ini namun saya kesulitan registrasi, tetapi menghubungi panitia by email 2 x tapi tidak direspon, why??? terimakasih

  2. selamat siang, saya dari Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, saya ingin bertanya. Pengumuman abstract acceptance nya dirilis kapan ya? thanks, anyway

  3. assalaamu’alaikum. saya sudah daftar IBSC ini, tapi sewaktu saya akan menguplod abstrak, ke website IBSC, saya temui kalimat berikut: This page has been closed by IBSC Committee. mohon bantuannya. terima kasih. wassalaamu’alaikum.

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